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We hope you enjoyed the interview with Monique Hayward about her new book, Divas Doing Business. http://moniquehayward.com/. Check back with us as post upcoming exciting book tours. Congratulations to all of our door prize winners!

Join us this week on a 7-Day Book Tour, March 23 - April 1, 2009
8:00pm PDT, 9:00PM MDT, 10:00PM CDT, 11:00PM EDT, 5:00PM HST (Hawaii), 7:00pm AKDT (Alaska)

Featuring Divas Doing Business,
by Monique Hayward.

"It takes more than conventional wisdom to start a business. How do you handle your husband wanting sex, the bank denying your small business loan for the third time, or creditors coming after your house? What if your kid’s big school play is tonight and your top employee just resigned? One more straw and the camel’s back will break"...excerpt

Note: No tour scheduled on March 27th and March 29th. Check back here for all daily stops of our tours.

Door Prizes
The first (5) authors who leave a question or comment will receive the following prizes:
~50% off your virtual book tour with i-Virtual Assist Book Tours
~3 hours of FREE virtual assistant services with i-Virtual Assist

Book Tour Day 7 - 4/1/09 Book Review
Join us for Monique's final stop of her book tour. Read about it and find out about her future speaking engagements and journeys. See you there...at "Your Focus"

Book Tour Day 6 - 3-31-09
Join us for this live chat on day 6 of Divas Doing Business Book Tour. Check us out at Showcase Magazine Dir. Particpate, talk with Monique Hayward our featured author and win great door prizes.

Book Tour Day 5 - 3-28/30-09 - Book Review
With the foreword by Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman, Divas Doing Business features profiles and interviews with a powerful, diverse lineup of women entrepreneurs. "Divas Doing Business" by Monique Hayward, book review. Read all about it here at Your Focus. Join us, follow us and get involved, get to know Monique, many prizes left.

Book Tour Day 4 - 3-26-09
"Divas Doing Business" next stop...E.S.S.E.N.C.E. Of A Woman, You don't want to miss, very exciting.

Book Tour Day 3 - 3/25/09
"Divas Doing Business complements the traditional how-to guides and “fills the spaces in between” with a fresh, unique angle on entrepreneurship." Read about it and talk about it with Monique, at her next stop at Invest In Women - http://investinwomen.wordpress.com/ .

Book Tour Day 2 - 3/24/09
Hello everyone, we have enjoyed Day 1 of this exciting 7-day book tour, Divas Doing Business" by Monique Hayward. Her next stop is a "Book Review" . Read about it and talk about it. Hosted by Christian Ladies Connect. Read more about Divas Doing Business and visit Monique's website at http://www.moniquehayward.com/.

Book Tour Day 1 - 3/23/09
"Divas Doing Business" by Monique Hayward
Visit here during this interview at Beauties On The Go. Members Only, click on the "Fun" tab to join in on the interview.