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Beginning June 29, 2009

You’ve Published Your Book…Now What?

If you’re ready to build your platform, be recognized as an expert author and boost your book sales join us for this exciting, one-of-a-kind workshop! You’ll learn the top tools, tips and tricks to market your book online and reach more people than you ever could with just book signings or book store appearances.

These days with so many people writing books, the competition is increasing to get your book noticed by the media. In order to stay ahead of the pack you must include virtual book tours and internet radio as part of your marketing strategy.

Major publishers, well-known authors and celebrities are using virtual book tours and internet radio in their marketing plans, why not you?

“I’m doing a “virtual book tour” to promote Divas Doing Business. I’m being interviewed and participating in real-time chat sessions at various web sites and blogs, thanks to the great work of Alba Henderson and her company, i-Virtual Assist. On my way to a best seller! ~Monique Hayward, Author

~Receive a lesson and a to do challenge everyday for 10 days– loaded with information you can use right away to help you build the foundation of your book platform with less effort and more results

~Opportunity to chat “live” for brief follow-ups. An action plan to market your book, build an audience and get into the media spotlight.

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Not people who are just selling you a “quick fix” that does nothing to help you market and sell your book. There are way too many rip-offs out there. But let’s face it, there also way too many authors who don’t want to do the work, or make the investment in their future.

We know you’re not one of those, so we want to make sure that we do everything possible to encourage your success..

After the PYBT10DAYS, opt in to an opportunity to receive:

– An Exclusive list of Host Bloggers ready to promote your tour.
– A copy of the new ebook, “Boost Your Marketing & Your Visibility with Internet Radio” which includes step-by-step instructions to get set up on Blog Talk Radio.
- A specially designed webpage just for your NEW BOOK

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